What to wear?
Please wear boat shoes or soft soled rubber shoes. Sandals and hard soled shoes are not permitted; sandals are not safe, and hard soled shoes can damage fiberglass and
teak. Between April and October the Daytona area weather is mild to hot and days can be in the 90s. November to March you may find a mix of cool weather with
occasional days in the high 60s to mid-70s. Remember that on the water with an evening breeze you may be chilly and sweater/light coat might be in order. On the spring
to fall days...shorts, your swim suit, etc. are all fine. And - sunscreen and sun glasses are always a good idea.

Check www.Weather.com the day before your trip. Foul weather may require rescheduling or cancelation (no charges for weather related cancelation).
Safety and Equipment
Your safety is paramount, and Winsome is equipped with all Coast Guard recommended safety equipment for the safety of her crew and passengers. Before leaving the dock
you will be briefed on use of life jackets and other safety equipment.

Children should be at least six years old. Winsome loves to have kids on board, but when they are unruly she will not well-tolerate risk of injury to her passengers or risk
of damage. Unruly children will be returned to the dock and fees will not be refunded.
Food and Cooking
Winsome is equipped with a gas range and oven, refrigerator, etc., and ice will be provided. Meals can be arranged (see Services Provided).
Credit Cards: Yep, we take them.
Hey, the sun is over the yardarm somewhere! (This is sailor-speak for it is 5:00 p.m. somewhere!) However, if someone overdoes it then Winsome will return to the
dock; overindulging only puts you and Winsome at risk. Like unruly children, unruly passengers will be returned to the dock and fees will not be refunded.

Frequently Asked Questions