Rates and Services
Rates: $80.00 per hour
Whole or half day cruises

Evening/moonlight cruises

Sailing instruction

If you wish to have an evening dinner cruise - that can easily be arranged. Dinner could be prepared on board or we could have meals catered - that just depends on
how elegant you want your evening to be. If this is the kind of evening you wish then let's discuss; naturally with meals additional expense will be involved, but you may
expect that such costs will generally be about what you might incur if dining out. (Also, be warned - the captain loves Raven's Brew coffee blends like Dead Man's Reach
or Wicked Wolf, and he gets a bit crazy when this is combined with real Key Lime pie.)

Marriages at sea

Solemn ash scattering services
Military discounts
active, reserve, and retirees