"Come Sail With Us" was the Pearson Yacht motto. Pearson Yachts played a prominent role in the history of American sailing and the development
of modern fiberglass sailing yachts. Pearsons have long been regarded as an American standard of excellence in sailboats. Between 1957 and 1991
the Pearson Yacht line included vessels from 22 feet (6.7 meters) to 43 feet (13.1 meters). Superb craftmanship and the design talents of renowned
marine designers like Bill Shaw, Carl Alberg, Bill Tripp, and early designs by John Alden, contributed to the creation of yachts noted for their
exterior seaworthiness and interior spaciousness - a balance between racing class rules and family sailing comfort. As a matter of fact, the first
fiberglass sailboat to win the prestigious Newport to Bermuda race was the 37 foot Pearson Invicta designed by Bill Tripp.

Many of the Pearson yachts manufactured between 1964 and 1991 were Bill Shaw designs. Shaw joined the prestgious Sparkman and Stephens
Naval Arthitecture firm in 1952, leaving to join Pearson in 1964 as Chief Naval Architect. He retired from Pearson in 1991 as General Manager.
Under his tenure, Pearson was a nationally recognized leader in the boating industry for building quality, family oriented racing/cruising fiberglass
boats. The Pearson 365 is one of Bill Shaw's designs.

"Come Sail With Us"